Anonymous said: What do you think about the fact that Kailyn is still being physically abusive towards Javi? Everyone makes a huge deal about Amber doing it, and not Kail. She has been on camera three times now talking about heating Javi, then Jo, and Javi again. She needs to cut it out before he kids think it's ok to hit your spouse like that....

I was a little shocked to hear that but at the same time I’m not surprised as such. I’m not making excuses or saying that it’s right to hit someone but I think a lot of her problems stem from having Bipolar. I think if she was able to get a handle on that things might be better. It is hard because she was pregnant and now breastfeeding. You can’t take medications whilst doing that. But yeah its definitely not right. I hope that she can work it out because you can see that she and Javi love each other and I’d hate for them to split up. 

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Anonymous said: Maddy godeys patch makes me sick
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Watching the Teen Mom 2 Finale Special :)

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Anonymous said: Does maddy godsey wear wigs??

No, in her episode the reason the front of her head was shaved was because her hairdresser made a mistake. She has now dyed her hair brown and the patch is growing back.

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Anonymous said: Could you please post some old pics of leah and corey? (:

Sure :)

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Anonymous said: I feel so bad for felicia! Two kids with that piece of shit

I think Felicia and Alex have always been on and off. 

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Anonymous said: Is felicia still with the baby daddy? (Forget his name) he got no pics with for pregnancy photos.

According to Felicia’s Facebook it states that she is in a complicated relationship so I’m not really sure what is going with her and Alex at the moment.

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Anonymous said: Can you post pictures of the new 16p girls with their ages ?

I’m not sure how old some of them are but I will try and find out so I can post it for you :)

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